Week #2 (2021): Stress!


Ban Ki Moon dishes about an unfortunate interpreter

Discussion Questions

  1. Which of these is most stressful for you….
    (public speaking, taking a test, going on a first date, long flights, giving presentations,
    work gatherings, dealing with native English speakers, ….?)
  2. Aside from GSIT, what causes you stress? (e.g.money, family, lovelife, health, future, etc.)
  3. How has Covid-19 affected your stress levels?
  4. What were the most stressful periods of your life?
  5. What were the least stressful, most care-free periods of your life?
  6. These days, when do you feel the most relaxed or unstressed?
  7. Who’s the most/least stressed person you know?
  8. How do different members of your family deal with stress?
  9. How does stress affect you physically & emotionally?  
  10. What health consequences have you experienced because of stress?
  11. How do you usually cope with stress?
  12. How do you view counseling? Would you consider it as an option?
    Do you know people who have experienced it? Was it helpful?
  13. What is unique or different about stress in Korea? Causes?  Responses?
  14. When you’ve traveled to different countries, have you noticed anything different about how the people there deal with stress?
  15. How will your future decisions (career, partnership, kids, residence, etc.) affect your stress levels?


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